The Missing Piece for Your Medical Weight Loss Program

So That Your Clients Can Actually Keep the Weight Off Long Term, Even After Stopping Their GLP1 injection!

Why Work With Us?

Increased Client Satisfaction

Happy clients with long term success will increase referrals back to your business and boost ratings

Boost profits WITHOUT increasing your effort

Allow us to take over the nutrition and mindset teaching while you increase profits

Differentiate yourself in a competitive market

Offering MedFree Maintenance will help you stand out from competitors

Provide a holistic approach to weight loss

Attract a broader client base to include those that prefer a more natural long term solution

MedFree Maintenance

What we offer:

  • Step-by-step simple actions to increase metabolism naturally so clients can eat more without gaining weight back

  • Maximize the best food combinations to tame hunger cues

  • Weekly group coaching sessions with nutrition coaches, providing accountability and community

  • 1 year access to a comprehensive nutrition and mindset program

Med Free Maintenance is the essential, yet currently missing, nutritional guidance piece for your medical weight loss clients.

When you partner with us, we work with your clients on weight loss medications like Ozempic and semaglutide to transition off without gaining back the weight and becoming yet another "diet failure" statistic.

We use metabolism boosting real foods along with their favorites! No restriction, only moderation!!) to develop optimal metabolism so they can confidently maintain weight loss, avoid excessive hunger and cravings, and enjoy weekends, holidays, and vacations without the stress of getting out of control and gaining back the weight.

How You Can Work With Us


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You keep all the profits

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Meet Our Team


Aliza Olive


Meet Aliza and Kellie, co-founders of MedFree Maintenance.

We've been there, done that... Hid in the back of pictures, avoided mirrors, tried ALL the diets but the weight wouldn't budge.

And once we FINALLY got the results we wanted and felt confident in our clothes again...

we had to figure out how to keep it off.

Aliza lost 20 pounds in 3 months on Semaglutide. Kellie lost her baby weight with macro counting.


We have cracked the code to a faster metabolism, taming hunger, and keeping the weight off long term without restriction for ourselves and our clients.

We still enjoy pizza night, wine, vacations, restaurants, and treats. AND your clients can too!!


Client Testimonials

Aliza and Kellie’s approach makes a macro-based diet straight-forward and feasible even for the busiest of schedules. With their help, I have seen gains in muscle mass alongside many inches lost without feeling hungry or bored with my diet. They have provided many time saving tricks and resources that have supported my goals. I have had such a boost in energy which has allowed me to stay active and consistent. I wish I had started working with them many years ago.


Anonymous Client

MedFree Maintenance has changed my perspective. I have been able to change my relationship with food and hold myself accountable. The measurements were a little out of my comfort zone, but now I look forward to them because the scale really does not tell the whole story. Do not be intimidated. This is not a once size fits all program.


Anonymous Client

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